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The Leader in Consultative Engineering in Brazil
Engevix devises studies and projects aiming at the integration and management of projects in energy, industry and infrastructure.
Our company is distinguished in the implementation of EPC projects (EPC – Engineering Procurement and Construction), involving engineering, procurement, construction and assembly of projects. Our ever-present mission of offering engineering services brings added value to our customer’s enterprises. 
Engevix offers services in a wide range of sectors since 1965, such as energy (generation, transmission and distribution), oil & gas, chemical and petrochemical, capital goods industries (iron and steel industry, mining, cement, pulp and paper among others) and infrastructure (highways, railways, city transportation trains, airports, ports, sanitation, construction and subways).
Engevix’s undertakings is based on a state of the art technology, in constant innovation and most importantly, on human capital. The company closed the 2010 fiscal year boasting 2.850 employees and a record in on-order stock of R$ 3 Billion.
Engevix owns permanent offices in five Brazilian states; São Paulo, Santa Catarina, Rio de Janeiro, Paraná, Minas Gerais, Distrito Federal and in Macaé, state of Rio de Janeiro. And abroad; USA, Mexico, Peru and Angola.
●     Jackson Empreendimentos Ltda. has controllership of Engevix Engenharia S/A operational company and undertakes EPC contracts, researches and engineering projects.
●     Desenvix S/A is responsible for projects and investments in the renewable energy sector.
●     Ecovix - Engevix Construções Oceânicas S/A is responsible for naval construction and offshore facilities for the oil & gas industry.
●     Infravix - Engevix Infraestrutura S/A, is responsible for infrastructure and large-scale constructions.
Engevix owns participations in the following companies:
Engevix Angola
Established in 2005, Engevix Angola implements projects in the environmental engineering areas, energy distribution and generation and also has activities in the oil & gas industry. Engevix owns 50% equity share, the other half owned by the Angolan group Genius. In 2008, Engevix Angola established new headquarters in the South Luanda region.
Engevix Mexico
Engevix Mexico SA was established in 2004 aiming at centralizing Engevix’s activities in the North and Central Americas. Engevix owns 50% equity share and the Mexican Industrial conglomerate Double V Holdings (DVH) owns the remaining half. The family running this business has had a strong hold on Mexico’s energy infrastructure.
Engevix Peru
Engevix Peru commenced activities in 2004 with a roadway supervision project in the northern part of the country and has expanded its activities in recent years. Engevix Peru is responsible for engineering services through construction site consulting, project designing and construction supervision among others. Engevix owns 100% of the company’s share.
Ventech is a company focusing at Technology and Innovation. It was established in 2006, aiming at developing technology solutions in processes for the energy, oil & gas, mining, pulp and paper, agribusiness industries and capital goods industry. Engevix owns a 50% equity share and the remainder is property of Vert, a company from Brasília specialized in information technology solutions.
Established in 2000 in partnership with Copel Participações S/A, Braspower aims at developing business opportunities in the energy sector in companies abroad. Engevix bought out Braspower in 2008 and now owns 100% of its shares and exclusive rights to the hydroelectric Lower Arun plant, in Nepal (400 MW).
Established in October 2009 ViaBahia Concessões Rodoviárias S/A is the licensee of a 640 km highway connecting Salvador and the border with Minas Gerais and is responsible for duplicating the roadway. Engevix owns 22% of its shares, 23% controlled by Encalso and 55% owned by the Spanish company Isolux.
Airship do Brasil
Jackson owns a 33% share for the project of developing the lighter-than-air vehicle for cargo and passenger transportation.
Engevix also owns a 10% share of the SC Energia and RS Energia companies. These are responsible for a 400km transmission line. Eletrosul, the sole controller among the group, acquired this license in December 2008.